I am Thomas Reinbacher, Earthling, European, Austrian - A technologist at heart with a business mindset, currently fascinated by the Internet of Things (IoT)., Threema ID 8WTF7XHA

I grew up in a lovely region in Austria called The Weinviertel (taste a glass of Grüner Veltliner if you go there), but also lived in other amazing places including Vienna, Berlin, Mountain View, Munich (currently), Stuttgart, Istanbul, NanJing, WuHu, HangZhou, and BeiJing.

>Computer scientist. Early in my life I got infected with the magic of electronics and computers. Everything started out with a couple of garage-made electronic projects like a mp3-capable car radio. Eventually, I became a computer scientist and came up with a new analysis technique for embedded real-time systems. I enjoyed collaborating with some truly inspiring researchers and held visiting scientist positions at RWTH Aachen University and at NASA Ames Research Center. I graduated sub auspiciis praesidentis with a PhD in computer science from Vienna University of Technology.

>Asia fanatic. I lived in China for about two years where I got fascinated by the beauty of the Chinese language and culture. I studied Mandarin at ZheJiang University in HangZhou and worked for a supplier for the automotive industry in NanJing/Wuhu. This website stores some essays that I wrote; hopefully those are useful for other Mandarin learners out there.

>Management consultant. In 2014, I joined the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company where I am an Engagement Manager based in the Munich office. Most of the time, I help McKinsey's clients on business questions around the Internet of Things (IoT).

I hope you enjoy the site! Thomas


www + My professional profile on Linkedin
+ Institute of Computer Engineering, ECS Group - Vienna University of Technology
+ Department of Embedded Systems - University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
+ (a life-changing experience)


cv + Wien, NASA, China und zurück?, Gewinn Ausgabe 04/2014
+ Geniale Uni Karriere, Niederösterreichische Nachrichten Woche 15/2014
+ Mit einem Master ins Berufsleben, Der Standard Feb/2014


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Most of the essays include pinyin and a vocabulary. If you find mistakes (pretty sure there are) please let me know.

+ Wo de Jia Xiang {About where u come from}
+ Aodili de Shan {About austria and the alps}
+ Wo zai Zhong Guo de Shi Hou {About my time in china}
+ Zai Zhong Guo de yi Tian {About daily life in china}
+ HaliBote - yi ce hen you ming de shu {About Harry Potter books and films}
+ Zhao yi ge keyi yiqi lianxi Hanyu de pengyou {Finding a language partner}
+ Muqian zai Aodili yijing xia xue le {It's snowing in Vienna}
+ Gei BaBa MaMa yi feng Xin {Writing a letter to mum and dad (Hanyu Jiaocheng Textbook)}
+ Gei wo de Pengyou yi fen Xin {Writing a letter to a friend} based on the previous text
+ Zai Aodili guo Sheng Dan {It's Christmas Time}
+ Zai OuZhou guo Xin Nian bi Zai Zhong Guo guo Xin Nian {New Year's Eve compared to China's Spring Festival}
+ Zai Budapeisi guo Xin Nian {New Year's Eve in Budapest}
+ Liang ge ren yi qi qu lü xing {Two friends are going to explore New York}
+ Qing duo ti yijian {Your opinion is needed} text from NPCR III Textbook
+ San ge xiao ai ren {Grimm's Fairy Tale: Three little men in the wood}
+ OuZhou bei zuqiu sai {EURO 2008 @ Austria}
+ Zuo pengyou {How To HIT ON GIRLS} - the very basics of flirting
+ Pa Shan {Hiking tour}
+ Yi Sheng - Er Zi {Die Aerzte - Junge (mandarin version)} watch the video
+ Women shi YingXiong - HuaiDiaoLe {Wir sind Helden - Kaputt (mandarin version)}
+ Zai BoLan guo Xin Nian {Happy New Year Poland!}
+ Zhang Zhen Yue - Zi You {Zhang Zhen Yue - Freedom} watch the video
+ Baxi pengyou shoudao Shengdan Liwu {Christmas cookies finally arrived}
+ Qu ShangHai Kan F1 Chesai {Going to Shanghai to see a F1 race}
+ Qu NanJing JianMian PengYouMen {Meeting Friends in NanJing}
+ ShaFa Man {Couchsurfing}
+ ZhangWo JiTa {Mastering Guitar}
+ ZhouNian de Xiao MoTuoCheHui {Puch Maxi Memorial Ride PMG}
+ Mai Le YiLiang ZiXingChe {Buying a Bicycle}
+ Gei BaBa MaMa yi feng Xin II {Writing a letter to mum and dad}
+ AnPai yi ge ShaFaKe Hui {Arranging a meeting}
+ Wu ge butong Guojia de Ren yiqi qu Lüxing {going on holiday}
+ Nuehai kan Guolai {Ren4 Xian Qi - easy karaoke song} watch the video
+ Jia Zai Nar {Where/What is home}
+ Wo de TianShi {My angel - a poem}


cv + McKinsey & Company publication: Creating a successful Internet of Things data marketplace
+ My Academic Publications on runtime verification of real-time systems and software verification
+ HowTo: fancy conference posters: LaTex beamerposter template for TU Wien's Epilog
+ Introduction to Embedded Software Verification
+ A social impact study: The artificial pacemaker - a pure success story?
+ Inverted pendulum - students project - Embedded Control Systems 2008 (video)